beloved companions
I am about to share with you
my inmost concerns and feelings
acquired since the time I gained consciousness

let us look upon one another with an open face
and refrain from degradation and abuse
put a deaf ear to negative speech
which stems out of the influence of intoxication

let us openly address taboos
denounce them as a nation
believing in ourselves
reach independence with distinction

feeling gratitude for all that went before
may we come ever closer to one another
ever holding aloft the torch of hope
and be role models to our children

The Greatest Accomplishment
(Angusaq Angineq)

Letís try to fight all the negative stuff
with a positive attitude
circulate responsibilities
that enable us to reach higher goals
Hence my shortcomings
and lack of abilities
can be complimented by someone more able
and tasks can be accomplished
for us to reach even higher achievements

the life which has been assigned to us
which will witness our blossoming as individuals
which gives us an opportunity to make a difference
shall ever be a beacon to where we strive to go
united and as one
let us nobly advance
to the benefit of the nation and the people
sacrificing and alas, demanding nothing

our higher aim
lies within joint responsibility
closeness to nature and your fellow man
and concern for each another

let smiles be our recompense
and refrain from giving in to greed like others tend to do
let happiness be our remedy
let us heal one another
never loose hope
let us help each other daily
and wage peace
and thus be models against those who engage in strife

let us be Greenlanders with distinction
putting our children first
ever putting to mind and using
the skills of our ancestors
cast away any weaknesses
letís build up our strengths
and be able to lift up
any daunting tasks with ease

Fully ourselves

we talk about independence Ė yes
but strife among us abound Ė alas

if we are to speak of independence
we all have to do our share
support one another
and be willing do more sacrifices
to be a strong people
worthy of independence
standing tall
among the nations of the world

mutual respect have to be
prevalent amongst all of ourselves
for are we caught up in the mire of internal disputes
weíll be faced with indifference
my people - gird up your loins
and step forth and work with us
in respect of
the generations to come
as well as the ones that came before us

oblivious of the people they represent Ė alas
running away from their promises Ė again

are we not to take the initiative
we are bound to move nowhere
since those who represent us
have become too caught up in themselves
distorted the picture
and unable to think logically
schools in decay
and their luxurious looking offices

useless airports built
overcrowded kindergartens
resulting in neglected children
catchy slogans
Ďour children are our futureí
Raising their wages
And turning their backs on the voters
As if they were a pain
why? why? why?

Because I Love You

my people - my love for you goes deep
thatís why Iím writing you from the depths of my being
I invite you to stem the tide
of hurting one another
children, elders, women and men
I need you all
who harbor the strength
and believe in love

believing in love
leads to respect for others

letís embrace one another
letís be intoxicated by love
no need initiating it with alcohol
letís pull everything off thatís not feelings
and united as one family
advance towards the light
and be blinded by the enlightenment
of the path to the future that we all seek

letís lift up one another as a people
and work towards achieving respect for all

if you keep making demands of yourself
and believe in your dreams
ever holding on to them
theyíll become reality
if you persist
therefore I write you
I bring on to you a dream
for if I am silent
I can have no influence on you

my beloved fellow Greenlanders
Iím weary of derision
and I want all this abuse to end

Greenlanders respecting one another
moving toward their goals in with love for each other
acceptance of other nations
and sharing the riches theyíve been assigned to have
infusing hope to our children
fighting poverty
being fiercely proud of their nation and themselves
are pictures that emerge in my dream

should these pictures in my dreams
only be seen when Iím asleep
for if youíre hesitant in pulling up yourself
assistance will be to no avail

Do not walk away

The truest love
is indeed desirable to possess
value your life, fellow being
protect it as you would protect a child not yet mature
obstacles in life is rife
but thereís always a way out
refrain from hiding your inner pain
be open, fellow being, and let it out

I encounter obstacles like you do
and go through dark periods
but I ask of you, fellow man
donít ever pay for it with your own life
weíve lost so much already
there are too many whoíve chosen this path
suicide has hit our nation
in epidemic proportions

Value your life
be grateful for your life
and protect it

right above the cloud cover
the sun is ever present

We are all destined to go through
joy and sorrow
my fellow being Ė if you want to weep
donít hold it back, but cry with me
acknowledging your weakness
is a sign of strength
show your weakness
and overcome the problems
without feeling shame

The families that are left behind are punished
and are subject to insurmountable suffering
donít kill yourself
do not walk away
how ever bad things can be
always remember
there are people around you with good intentions
and who wants to help out

Say No to Discrimination

Let us live together with no discrimination
Let us be together with a loving attitude
celebrating diverse colors of skin
indeed this is beautiful
donít feel shy toward people you havenít met
they are your potential friends
it is the clashing of opinions
which brings us to greater understanding

the role of some are drawing sketches
while some do the painting
and once the painting is finished
it will be a source of pride
thereís room for everyone else
we all have to give each other space to breathe
let love be victorious
let it be in the forefront

Let our goals aim high
lift ourselves and soar
leave worries behind
letís celebrate joy in unison
loose ourselves in music
let it bring us to another plane
oblivious of who and what you are
let love be the all-pervading atmosphere

Ask your foe for a dance
contain the violence
and chant to him in the ways of our ancestors
in order to remove the conflict
letís all rejoice in our care for one another
pat ourselves on our backs
weíre all diverse
but in need for one another

May we all become closer to one another
refraining from insults
celebrate our diversity
and rejoice over the myriad colors of life

An Excuse?

How many women and children
will be abused
all the while we blame alcohol
before we come to the realization
that indeed thereís a serious problem?
Weíve embarked on faulty ways
and fleeing away as animals being chased
reared within the bottle
Neglected we are indeed!

alcohol is to blame

No wonder we are looked down upon
and have a bad reputation among the nations of the world
we hold records in negative behavior
when we get senselessly drunk
families fighting with knives
abuse of nieces and nephews
and all the suicides on top of it.
Alcohol indeed holds such potential, right?

Such potential
such potential
alcohol contains
such potential

Where are the values
of our ancestors?
It is about time
that we shed the weaknesses
like Kaassassuk, the orphan did!
Too many have been hurt already
Too many marred for the rest of their life!
Letís get to our senses as a nation
And lift up our heads once again!

Lift up our heads
lift up our heads
too many have been
hurt already

If we do nothing
and ignore our weaknesses
we are bound to drop and loose
those we call the future of our nation!
Is this what we want?
Is that where we want to go as a nation?
Or will we come to our senses
and fight abuse?

Come to our senses
and fight
fight abuse

Ever Present Light

(Qaamaneq Ersittuaannartoq)

All my suffering
has led me to the understanding
that my Creator never tests me
beyond my capacity
Since the lowest points of my life
have resulted in my getting stronger
These have been the tools
to my bouncing back and up again

becoming aware and realizing
my weaknesses
and learning not to repeat and to avoid my previous faults
even though my life can be a disappointment
positive moments abound
when the winter nights of my inner being passes
the light always returns

My faith in the Fashioner of Life
has been restored
My spiritual development, which had come to a halt
now grows again
for I believe in - and ever seek - the light
although itís hard to see
while wandering in the darkness

I was too weak
and didnít know how to control intoxicants
Iím grateful now that I can confess
and see that I can be helped
My faith in myself restored
And grateful of my life
And can once again laugh and weep
Not being afraid of my feelings

Lights of Darkness
(Taartut Qaamarngi)

Everything has a flipside
and the other side can emerge
since your loss
can be of gain and benefit another
do not be afraid to face adversity
ever hold aloft your ideals
and consider the stumbles and falls of your life
as means for building strength
and use them to bounce back

Donít ever give in,
who else but you can realize and work to achieve
your own dreams

Donít expect life to be easy
Nor is it smooth with no stumbling blocks
It can be a journey in rough seas
Life is ever changing
Do not fall into controlling other peopleís lives
Since this can divert your own course
Our life is uncertain indeed
But if you treat it with respect, it can be full of joy

The greatest
and most valuable gift
should be respected
may we live our lives in mutual respect

When Iíve reached the bottom and wander about in darkness
My solace is
that I could meet someone
in a far worse condition
and then I laugh at myself
and look at the greater picture
re-evaluate my stumbling blocks
and find a new avenue

The ability to laugh about yourself
And to confess about yourself without fear
turning the darkness into light
To flip to the reverse side and continue on

Remembering touching encounters
recalling nice moments which fills you with gratitude
holding them aloft like torches during despair
everything has a flipside
and can easily be reverted back
when my thoughts are dim
they can be mixed with light

my nephew calling me uncle
my siblings recalling our childhood
even the love from my family and friends
makes me able to smile again and again

Never turn away offers for assistance
Never feeling shy about having problems
Since no one can gain say
the woes of the one who wants to step further ahead
Since I believe in love
as the source of truth
and wish to hold on to it during the course of my life
and participate in paving the way ahead

loving and be loved back
being loved is happiness
a fundamental right for anyone
and the very root of our own life

loving and be loved back
happiness from being loved
a fundamental need for all of us
it is all our only way out

Starving Children
(Meeqqat Perlertut)

Heís trying to keep his Mom from falling
he doesnít want her to pass out in the ditch
heís trying to make her make it to home, since heís starving
heís the mother to his mother

People point their fingers at them and are amused
oblivious of their own responsibility
it is none of their business
interfering is not their way

if that was the case Ė it would result in having to face themselves
and the shadow would be too obvious
it is the end of the month
and the truth is frightening indeed

ďHis mothers joy is his fear
heís seen her plasteredĒ

Why is the poor child starving
picking leftovers in the restaurant
what is his crime
Thereís something very wrong indeed

Starvation is a thing of the past, they say
But the truth glares right in front of my face
A mask put on for the benefit of the surroundings
Keeping up appearances, that is

Iíve seen starving children
Picking in the midst of winter
I pity them and bring them before you
and question their parents

Suppression of the truth is no longer acceptable
Reality has to be unveiled
Since some parents have cast their love on intoxicants
instead of their children



Permeated with hope and unity
letís embrace the future
inspired by the sharing
that our great ancestors showed us
If I pass on and no longer possess anything but money
It wouldnít be an enviable state indeed
For friends and nobility
tastes far better than money

are we not to share
and sacrifice towards those in need
living heartless lives
will bring us further away from one another

families should hold aloft
the torch of blamelessness
put their childrenís future before themselves
showing them care
and loving kindness
may they become as caring as themselves
thus I tell you of my hopes
may you ponder my words

loving our children
should be our foremost aim
it is their right far into the future
lest it be a loss to them

the children are our future
they will take the reins, once we get old
are they not taught about justice
and consider the habits of their abusing leaders
as truthful people
where will they ever take us, I wonder
would they fool us also, I wonder

would they copy what they saw
when they were children
and show forth the disrespect they have witnessed
and rule our nation accordingly

we have to be role models
lest our actions revert back to us
we have to be examples
and enthuse hope
believing in a bright future
create a positive existence
let us work hard to achieve this
while we yet are able to do so

It is my wish
that those who come after us
have hopeful lives
standing among the ranks of other nations
and show bright and friendly faces
on our behalf

My Nieces and Nephews

My priceless nieces and nephews
To whom Iím the only uncle
Several tears have fallen from my eyes out of mere love for you
Iíll compose loving songs in whatever way

The first one that came
Ah, what a boy
He wasnít named Inuk (human) for nothing
His heart is huge to those around him
Itís often a wonder to witness
Such love he possess in such a young age
Determined to make a difference from want
Itís nice to see and follow

And the next one so much like her grandma
That little girl Filippa
As caring as her mother
and such an incredible beauty
My heart stings
just by her mere presence
Tears of joy often fall
by the mere prospect of seeing her again

Our spry Frida
her witty and entertaining nature
always fully aware
her little mind always on the move
sheís a person worth to have hopes for
For Frida often lit
the world which often tend to dim

Saffiina the fair one
prattleís to everyoneís delight
she made Frida big sister
and made the world an even brighter place
She calls me Nangaa (of Ďangaa Ė uncleí: Ďnangaa Ė the hesitant oneí)
which makes me shiver and tickle within
and enthuses me with strength
Safina, our little torch

Life became even brighter
With the birth of Storm, that baby brother
So gentle it was beyond belief.
Spry Frida became even spryer
By the sight of the cute brother
Jet black hair
save some for your uncle
Scruffy boy, that baby brother

The origin of our links from heart to heart
and the one to whom the family revolves,
to whom gratitude is due
the beloved mother to me and my sisters
your love streams out as if a river
branching out to smaller rivers
into your grand children
and will continue to flow for ever

Iíve Had Enough!!!


Hey!, where am I, what is happening
My mouth smells and I have a headache
Once again Iíve been drinking too much
I donít even remember what I have been doing.
Shit, fuck, damn it
It sucks beyond compare
Not being able to remember
anything at all

drunkard, prone to go berserk
when having had too much to drink
one who abuse the use
of the means designed to make you joyful

why is it that Iím always like this
what is it that Iím running from
I ask my self without cease
When I regain my consciousness
I really have to change
I realize that Iím weak
And attempt to change myself

How typical itís been
lying to myself saying
it doesnít affect me in any negative way
Once I confessed that this was not the case
This was the first step

I refuse to fall any deeper
Being controlled by the wicked alcohol
Really why should I, what for,
What is my business down at these depths
Enough is enough
Those I have bothered, those I have hurt
My family and my friends
Those I love and those I donít know

I apologize to those
I have fought, without even knowing them
I want to take back all
uncomfortable words that I have uttered

Life has to be richer than that
Not controlled by alcohol
becoming a free person
If you feel uncomfortable about yourself
and is under the yoke of alcohol
confess to yourself
that you have a weakness
and begin to work to improve yourself

my drinking no longer controls me
I now control them myself
and have begun to realize
the goals which Iíve voiced out

dreams and responsibilities
which I thought were unreachable
but spoken out about
now finally are within my reach
You hear one of these now
which you can attest to
For thereís always a way out
from the murky depths of an abusive life
towards a brighter path

which direction you want your life to take
to be in control and be responsible for it
we choose what we want to drink
and only you can set the limits

Have Courage to Take a Stand
(Qununata Isummersorta)

Although our form of government
can be frustrating and be void of enlightenment
always having hope is important for me
to courageously take a stand
letís inspire one another
grasping new avenues of thought
rather than being governed from the top down
let us participate in pointing to new directions

Letís influence our future
follow the habits of our leaders
and take a stand in areas
which we canít accept
let the human being be at the core of all deliberations
give a sense of hope to our children
and encourage one another
in our lives.

Letís complain to those who govern us
Courageously take a stand
but refrain from mere criticism
let us also encourage

Let us be supportive to those who succeed
rather than bringing them down
Congratulate him for his achievements
and participate in inspiring him to carry on
Fellow Greenlanders Ė Letís encourage one another
Avoid partisan politics
For are we all to be friends
our unity must be at the fore front

Those who govern us lack our direction
Theyíre unable to see clearly
Unable to meet each other
They behave like immature children
Power has to be with the people
Should it be in the hands of a few Ė itís dangerous indeed
It should be likened unto a little child
equipped with a loaded gun

The Playground of the Powerful
(Pissaanillit pinnguarfiat)

Yes! Iím happy that Iím a Greenlander
Yes! It fills me with pride
Yes! I want our country to be independent
Yes! I want to see this in my lifetime
But rather! A healthy people
strong in mind and body
are the foremost priorities in my mind

Let the children play
Donít take their hopes away from them
You have become more childish than children
At the playground of the powerful

Now that youíve been elected, what do you think you are
Youíve hovered over your fellow beings
Or do you just consider this to be normal
The people of Greenland elected you
The descendants of the great hunters
who believed in the power of sharing
they too wish to have a share of the riches

at the playground of the powerful
where buddies are preferred
where those who already have, want more
where the man on the street have been forgotten
Come to your senses!
Stop conducting useless elections
Youíre playing more than children
At the playground of the powerful



Think before you speak
and stop putting down those whom you donít know
backbiting is a calamity
destroying relations between people
change your pointless words
and stop this behavior
before it bounces back on you

how would it be of benefit to you
if your words took you to shallow waters
or to dry land with no substance
and hope it would save you
if you were subject to such behavior
to such empty lies
how would you react, I wonder

words should not be used
as means of destruction
rather should they be used
for common understanding
between people

among us are those who paid the ultimate price
by being subject to become Danes
and after having been under such pressure
exclaimed that being Greenlandic is preferable
disunity erupted among Greenlanders
and destructive words became rampant

We are few in number here in our land
Why should we thwart our development
By being divided
following colonization
we use two languages
and we have to accept this
and live in mutual respect.

Encounters and Departures
(Naapitat Qimatallu)

The women in our midst
Should be respected and considered our equal
We should value and be grateful to them
They sanctify us
They are the very roots of life
and we are a community because of them
Letís always give them our gratitude
and show them our respect

Domestic invisible violence
that we hear occur among couples
may we never hear of it no more
may it become increasingly rare
Letís react against it
So it will remain unacceptable
Always do to your neighbor
as you wish they do to you

we meet in life and sometimes
necessarily have to depart again

donít accumulate pain within yourself
never give way to use it as fuel for rage
put words on your feelings
seek mutual understanding
if you give in to violence
you will hurt lots of people
and your reputation and nobility
will suffer enormously

everything has a beginning
but has an end like anything else
relationships disintegrate
and come to an end
donít fear new chapters
they simply are part of the book of life
may you learn from what youíve read
and grow accordingly

when we depart
often the positive experiences
shared as couples
become a burden in hindsight
rather let them serve as sources of strength
let them spur you on in your life
from couples to friends
love outside the relationship
loving one another despite the break up
respecting each other as fellow human beings

Donít Ever Forget!

You should know that I know
What you have done
It is a wound in our souls
And it will follow us through the span of our lifetime
Oh yes! I wanted to revenge
But Iím not going to give in to this
If I were to behave like you did
I wouldnít be any better than you

Why is it that you dragged me down
Will you bring me to the reality of revenge

Your way of life will be your prison
And your action will ever follow you
And people will come to realize
What you did, and talk about it
and use it as an example to fear
For other women to understand
It is indeed horrible
not knowing the kinds of attitudes displayed to women

You thought your action could be kept to yourself
And I compare you to that of a beast

Whenever you see me Ė remember
and always feel the shame inside yourself
for abusing a fellow human being
for your inexcusable conduct
Should you find yourself one day
and feel a sense of responsibility
You should face the one you did wrong
Weep and say you are sorry

A Strange Righteous Act

(Eqqortuliaq eqqumiittuliaq)

Let us take care of each other and be healthy
Develop and grow
as a blossoming flower
Value and appreciate one another
Confess if we do wrong
And be ready to apologize
For should we encounter the same
Weíd desire to be treated likewise

When we as children did bad
and other children were angry with us
and someone split on us
we were forced to go and say we were sorry

To be able to show forgiveness
after we were forgiven
and appreciate that others also can have weaknesses
since no one is perfect
we are all just people
and desire to be forgiven
and all need love

Letís make a step toward loving one another
Refrain from abusing children and women
We have to come to our senses as a nation
Before we have the capacity to raise up in unison

Do not fear what you will confess
And praise those who do
Your desire to advance as a human being
will turn weaknesses into strength
Let us always pave the way for this
And let this be our right
Let us always fight poverty
In order to stop it

Responsibility is within man
Itís how it is used which is crucial
That is all our responsibility
United as one

Bone, meat, blood and soul
is our legacy
Ears, eyes, tongue, body and mind
are our tools for life
if we are to fight
the only plausible means for fighting
is the fight for forgiveness

A strange righteous act
A lesson for life
And hard to grasp sometimes
Is to be able to forgive your worst enemy

Greenland and the Greenlander

(Kalaaleq Kalaallit Nunaallu)

Let us fuel
the fire of our desire to achieve
and let us all participate in the promulgation of its unifying heat
For the survival of our ancestors
in countless years
transpired in close embrace inside the tents
Let us too, be proud that we possess the spirit of this patience

Let us be part of the nations of the world
Not engaging in warfare and accumulating arms
But be grateful for the opportunities and means at hand
Warm feelings
dripping in the name of love
that will serve as fuel for the generations to come
and serve as a light on their path

Greenland and the Greenlander

Let us entertain one another
Advance towards greater heights
Loosen up and roar with laughter
Let us open up leaving no pith of self within
Value one another
Show bright faces toward even strangers
and If we canít speak with one another
communicate through the language of gestures

The powers of Greenland
And the noble joy its people possess
Should also serve as sustenance for coming generations
The patience of our ancestors
And their need for each other
May we take advantage of these
in modern times
as a source of strength

Greenland and the Greenlander

The light of the lamps of our ancestors
And the spirit of its people
Encircling our country from above
Ever present like the Aurora
Let us joyfully remember them
And use them as sources of light
Believing and being proud of ourselves

Greenland and the Greenlander
In a tranquil state
Ever advancing
I wish for you the light of lights
These are the contents of my heart
Fashioned for you to hear
And are my words to be gain said
Iíll take these to heart with acceptance

Greenland and the Greenlander